Family Therapy

Family therapy addresses the family emotional processes that create a range of functioning in the individual members of the family. Competing needs and expectations of family members and everyday life stressors increase anxiety in a family system. This anxiety gets “absorbed” by certain parts of the system and produces universal family patterns:

  1. Marital conflict
  2. Symptoms in a spouse
  3. Symptoms in a child

When acute or chronic anxiety is high, the automatic emotional system can override the family and impair the ability for the family to solve problems. Family therapy is a process of increasing the ability for “leaders” in the family to balance automatic reactivity and subjectivity with a factual view of oneself and others in the system.

  • Conflict
  • Symptoms in a Spouse/Partner
  • Symptoms in a Child
  • Parenting and Step-Parenting Issues
  • Extended Family Issues
  • Financial Problems
  • Substance Abuse
  • Divorce
  • Family Life Transitions
  • Death and Grief

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